Monday, 5 December 2016

Science day

at Matilda/Madeline's school I assume as the solar system on polystyrene was being carefully carried by Dad.

Oddly made me want to sing..He's got the whole world in His Hands , which of course would not have been accurate and He's got the whole solar system in his hands does not have quite the same flow.

Mind I had a reindeer in my bag so perhaps if I had been carrying that in view I might have inspired a song or two.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Blue is the colour

of the new double decker added to the fleet.

Blue is also the colour the passengers turn.

It is a very very cold bus.

Might have something to do with the mysteron light over the entrance. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

American Election 2016

The results were not totally finalised as I left the house this morning although the result was fairly certain.

I was expecting that at the bus station there might be conversation about this most acrimonious of Presidential campaigns. 

As I arrived I heard a snatch of conversation between two women that went somewhat like this.

"Well, I know some people say there is not much difference between them but to me it is obvious which is the best.  I like the old one much better then the new version, we got a DVD for the kids and the new Tom and Jerry is not a patch on the old one, it just doesn't feel right"

Well that was not quite the political dialogue I had anticipated.  

The bus journeys themselves were eerily quiet, with many a mobile device showing that map turning red.

I get off at the bus station to overhear another conversation

" I think it is awful, it should never have been allowed"" I agree what is the world coming to when this can happen" "Just look at the picture in the paper it makes me so mad how can they get away with changing the number of triangles and putting less chocolate in" 

Ah! the change to the Toblerone chocolate bar. I had noticed that in the free paper provided on the bus.   Glad to see that my fellow commuters have their priorities right and are taking this "momentous result" with a suitable level of pragmatism. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bus napping

now some time ago I shared some advice for napping on the bus ready-for-that-nap-now.

I recently saw someone who was an accidental napper in more ways than one.

Earphones in she had been communing with the phone (well mini media device whatever) and fallen asleep.

No on the plus side she was in a window seat,(my seat come to think of it) things might have been worse otherwise. I mention in my earlier post the strong dip and sway as we approach my second time to get off stop of the morning.

Well this sleeping rather than napping lady had a bit much sway and fell over sideways, knocking her bag (on the seat next to her..tut tut) onto the floor.

That would have been, not too bad except, you were expecting that except weren't you, she had not fastened her bag up.  Its contents disgorged themselves across the floor of the bus.

She lay across the seat arm outstretched and so confused at her sudden awakening she did not know what to do.

I was not close enough to assist but kindly lady and gentleman sitting forward of me and across from her rushed to restore the lipstick purse etc to the bag before we reached the stop.

Bag restored, still disorientated she noted "I must have been asleep! and "thank you" and "sorry". The good Samaritans and I departed at the stop she continued her journey.

I saw her again the next day (sitting in MY seat again , see earlier post about that) this time she stayed awake.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Travelling ink

tattoos, I see them quite regularly on my bus journeys in increasing numbers.

Professionally completed designs or those that appear self applied. Names, baby feet, poems, stars, geometric shapes, flowery swirls, stars the variations are many.      

As are the people sporting them, all ages, genders and clothing styles.

I am not to sure how I feel about tattoos in general, it is one of those tricky questions.  I can quite often be impressed by the skill and artistry of a design yet not like it at all as an image.  I can be delighted by an particular image yet be unconvinced skin is an appropriate place for it to be. Some of the clockwork underskin images are particularly clever yet also disturbing.

There are times I wish I had the courage to ask of those sporting inked skin why that particular pattern, phrase or colour.  What was the inspiration or the story behind the choice or the placement.  Perhaps they would be delighted to tell me, perhaps capturing attention and telling a story is part of the reason it is there.

For some, I might perhaps ask if they regret it now, like the elderly lady who started me thinking about this post, who has the ubiquitous LOVE and yes HATE tattooed on her knuckles (one of those self applied looking embellishments).  She has other designs that look more stylish, but I think it is the hands I would ask her about.

Some are just frustrating, why? Because with writing either it is so flowery I can't read it, of half the message disappears beneath clothing or under hair, or I can see it all and it is in another language!

The same can apply to images, is that tip of claw peeking out of a cuff attached to a tiger, an eagle a dragon?  Are the names on an arm in memoriam or a celebration of a childs birth?

Some I glimpse once, others are like me regular travellers.  The "art" appears ever more popular as celebrities make it mainstream.  Me, although I know people who have them, from a buxom semi naked cupid (a former boss and I did ask her why that design, not sure she knew herself exactly why it had called to her), to Egyptian Ankhs to stylized butterflies (and coordinating fairies) I am still not convinced that there is any image that would so delight me that I would want to make it part of me forever.

A bonnie stripe or two

has appeared on the bus station by my work place.  They help to show which of the stops is which in relation to their designated letter so people can find the correct stop for the correct bus.

I rather like the small splash of colour in the otherwise white space.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Small shoes

looking both cute and yet forlorn perched on the seat at the Church bus stop.

My guess the former wearer slipped them off 
un-noticed and found later they have been placed on the seat in the hope the owner's parent will return and restore them to their proper place.

No idea if that is what happened however, the shoes were not there the next time I was at this stop. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


well after nine plus years on the bus journey I finally did it..

did what you ask?

forgot to get off the first bus

only noticed at the business park which comes on the route two stops after the littering incident.

I had to get off, cross the road and wait for the same number bus going back on the route I had just travelled.

Get off at the church, cross the road and wait for the red bus and back on track for work.

I arrived late to worried colleagues who are used to me getting in before them

There was some amusement at my scenic route into work and my abstraction from the passing world.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Political rhetoric

or drunken ramblings...

more of the latter than the former I fear took place on the second bus home tonight.

One passenger was full both of a strident conviction on how all should vote in the up and coming referendum on Europe and copious amounts of alcohol.

He very loudly declared his position and his rather drastic solution to those who would consider voting contrary to his stance.  He was scathing in his denouncement of the political party he stated he had long supported and which he felt was lost ruined and a wast of space for not being in agreement with him.

It was sort of embarrassing, there were those who initially chuckled their discomfort others attempted to ignore him in the hope he would quiet down and a few wanted to engage in discussion until they realised there was too much vino fuling his in veritas.

At last, blissfully he departed there was a moment of peace then a lone voice chirped up, what was he on about?  A pause, and a voice from further up the bus came the reply, the EU vote in or out..back came the original questioning voice so what is that then?

There was an incredulous part of me wondering how at this stage that question could be asked  that was tinged with envy, how had they managed to avoid the seaming neverending  news reports, political broadcasts, TV programmes, there has been many a time I wish I could have done so.

Oh and was I informed or influenced by the man on his soap bus? 


(although some time later and in retrospect, the nation voted as he wanted and the party he disparaged are indeed in some considerable difficulty, who would have thunk it!)

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Time moves on

and a glimpse of  Matilda/Madeline and the comparison no longer holds true, hair a bit longer, lighter and her face has changed.

Possibly more noticeable to me not having seen her for some time than it might otherwise have been.

She has also been in the wars, sporting a cast on a broken arm.

The changes in my travel routine and times and I rarely see many of the bus friends at all, not the purple coated ladies, or the shop girls or the shoe lady.  I have not seen the author for a long time either.

Other way lady I still see either walking or running most mornings.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

No fur, no feathers

wish they were a figment of my imagination!

With a slight change to my routine I don't get the bus, I walk to work a couple of days a week.  Sometimes I cut through the bit of park in the town centre.

There are occasional glimpses of  rabbits and grey squirrels, however they are shy and I can never catch them on camera (well at least not so anyone can see what the picture is supposed to be of) (feathers-fur-and-figments-of-imagination). However, there is one regular inhabitant of the dene that regrettably is not shy, holds still for a photo and I wish it was not the case.

yes the shopping trolley.

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Well somehow the blue double decker that pulled up in place of the red one looked bigger, an older vehicle I think it is really the same size it just felt bigger.

It is just an understudy during fleet service and although it almost caught me out that is not my main problem.  My main problem is I keep thinking The Big Blue Bus to the rhythm of The Big Bad Wolf from a certain advert for a comparison web site.

At least I, and anyone around me, can be thankful it is the "tune and words" and not the dance moves I keep repeating.  

Friday, 25 March 2016

Small annoyances..a collection part one

This is a post about the things that irk.  Not necessarily big things that require a post of their own, a collection of moans and irritations.

Rain inside the bus from ill fitting windows or sky lights that drip on my head, dribble down my arm or leg all unsuspecting or dampen the seat and thereafter my bottom.

Chewing gum discarded without care (especially if it also ends up on my bottom) although at times I wonder if it shouldn't be used for pavement in the first place, it is apparently a lot of peoples opinion that the pavement is where it is supposed to be.

Chewing gumed pavement

Chewing gum at bus stop

People that get on an escalator with apparently no idea where they intend to go when they reach the bottom.  Taking a half step off and stopping to decide which way to go, left, right or forward I don't mind, just move away so I am not falling over as it is my time to step off.  Or worse, choosing that half step moment to dig into a bag or pocket whilst blocking the egress from the escalator.  Doubly irritating if my bus has already pulled into the stop and I am in a hurry to catch it.

Spitting..oh yuck do I need to say anything more on that one!

Rolling up the used bus ticket and sticking it into any available gap in the bus seats, panels ect..come on there is a place on the bus just for used bus tickets! And why because one person has done it do the copy cats have to follow so the bus looks like a ticked hedgehog!

Oh, yeah people who stick obviously not used bus ticket items in the used bus ticket receptacle....did you really use a plastic pop bottle as a record of payment for the journey?

Plastic bottles...there is another thing, dropping drinks bottles or cans onto the floor of the bus where they roll back and forward bumping into feet, threatening to spill dregs and  to cause someone to trip, or as occurred on one occasion rolling to the front of the bus and managing to jam the door.

OK as I am getting more irked as I think about the irritating things I shall let this post go. take a deep breath and make part two of the collection at a later date.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Five minute change

and my commute journey alters, the fabric of my relationship with other commuters is torn asunder.

How, well my second bus of the day changes to 8 mins past the hour instead of three however, the change also included an earlier bus at 2 mins to the hour.

It would appear that for many of my regular bus companions have made the move to the earlier bus, an option not available to me.  Therefore I see them no more, farewell Matilda/ Madeline little brother and long suffering dad, farewell kind Supermarket lady (who checks that I get off when I should on nap days).

Church in the morning mist

Hello to staying on the first bus past the old transfer stop, hello to standing at the Church stop (which is a much nicer view) for the wait for the second bus and maybe, just maybe hello to some new characters.  Although this bus does appear quieter.


Monday, 7 March 2016

The paper slipper

not footwear, a new morning character.  As I board my first bus, a man in a white baseball cap slips past me reached round and takes hold of one of the free papers and slips off again.

The first morning that happened I did not notice that he had not boarded my bus, and just thought he was overly eager to be sure he got a paper.

Since then I have realised that he is waiting for a different bus (same firm) but that for some reason there are no papers on his bus.  Perhaps it is due to the depo it starts from. Whatever the reason he comes just that little bit early to nab a paper.

I am obviously not the only observer of this behaviour as a departing passenger brought him a copy of the paper as she got off the bus.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Were the Oscars caught short

of some velvet covered rope barriers? the ones from the bus stop have disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived.  Their disappearance coincided with that most glittering of Hollywood occasions with many a red carpet requiring fancy barriers.  Suspicious....just saying, just saying.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Here come de sun

(over the top of the bus stop)

here comes the sun

 and it gona be all light

( before I get to work, which feels like a thing of oddness after the winter.)

Monday, 15 February 2016

A thought re visited

This month in 2013 I was at the beginning of my bus journey day and of this blog. Down from the door was only my second post.  This morning that poem was running through my head again. Or perhaps more aptly the line ,"where many paths and errands meet."

Why, because there was snow, and from my doorway, not a foot step to mar the white sparkly surface, out the gate and still only my footsteps. Round the corner and the at the top of the fist steps and the first set of footsteps appear (plus paw prints) and mine join them.

A little further  and now there are one or two more heading off into the distance.

Steps in the snow.

Friday, 29 January 2016

My Groundhog moment


That has oddly been the time shown on the digital clock at the bus station as I arrive on a morning. No matter what the time I have set out, late or early. No matter what speed I have walked, a gentle meandering stroll or a riflemans quick march (as per the Sharpe series).  

Breathless or sereen I arrive to those particular neon orange numbers.

Of course the logical part of me notes that if I set out late I move faster, and the later I start the faster I try to go.  Setting out early I feel no need to rush and so my time taken from A to B(us station) is slower.

Still it feels strange to always arrive in that moment, my morning brain marvels at it!

It was almost a relief to get there at 


Yesterday morning