Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Out of the cocoon...

into a surreal world

I have not been on the bus for over four weeks due to a medical emergency in the family. Actually other than to hospital and back I have not been out of the house much at all.

So going back to work and back on the bus morning was odd.  Whilst I was absent from my normal life the sun has started to come up early in the morning and the rest of the world has kept turning.

Out of the door into the sunshine morning and the traffic is light, it being just after the bank holiday ,crisp clear air and I feel somewhat unreal.

Past the building site and the number of finished houses and the ones just getting started has increased greatly.

Where crocus flowers had just been making themselves known they are gone and daffodils are nodding at me.

However, the biggest surprise of all greets me at the bus station..seats, new seats, lots of shiney new seats.  Every other set with its own bin attached all torch looking.  Wow when did that happen, judging by the floor and the lingering sand not too long.

No one sat on them!

Second day and they are still there so I sit and discover they are made for tall people, my feet dangle which generates an edge of disappointment.