Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Too early!

I forgot that on 2nd January the bus was on Saturday times so I arrived at the bus station too early. A lot too early as the first bus was not due for almost three quarters of an hour later than the bus I had arrived for.  Of course I was early for even that.

So decisions, walk home wait a bit then walk back or just wait.

Well I was well wrapped up and it was not too cold but standing that long did not appeal. As previously noted no seats here any more and Santa did not bring any new ones for Christmas. However, there was the option of the window sill.  Was it wide enough for a bottom perch, or high enough not to make my legs ache.  Might as well give it a try, if it was no good there would still be time for the walk home and back again. 

So down I sat, and sat I stayed, it was better than I had anticipated and less chilly.  Kindle to hand the time went by and when the bus arrived my knees still worked enough to get up and get on with my journey.

Window sill or seat?

Having tried it once I have used that option since (although happily not for such an extended period of time) mind I would still prefer there to be seats both for my convenience and for those who's knees extra are less likely to respond positively to sill perching.