Friday, 18 March 2016

Five minute change

and my commute journey alters, the fabric of my relationship with other commuters is torn asunder.

How, well my second bus of the day changes to 8 mins past the hour instead of three however, the change also included an earlier bus at 2 mins to the hour.

It would appear that for many of my regular bus companions have made the move to the earlier bus, an option not available to me.  Therefore I see them no more, farewell Matilda/ Madeline little brother and long suffering dad, farewell kind Supermarket lady (who checks that I get off when I should on nap days).

Church in the morning mist

Hello to staying on the first bus past the old transfer stop, hello to standing at the Church stop (which is a much nicer view) for the wait for the second bus and maybe, just maybe hello to some new characters.  Although this bus does appear quieter.