Friday, 8 August 2014

A sad journeys end

A day that started out sunny and hot, as evidenced by the open windows now letting in rain I had surprise company on my journey home.

As I read my book, my eye was caught by movement to the left.  A more focused look and I see small black legs moving on my wrist.  I restrained the automatic jerk reaction, no knowing where the what ever it is will end up if I do that.  I move my book into my right hand to get a better view. 

Oh! a sigh of relief, just a bee, perhaps also blown in like the rain I am beginning to notice.  It walks up the length of my hand and back again.  A little worried it will vanish up my sleeve I put my book away and walk the bee from hand to hand.  Occasionally she flutter her wings not an attempt to fly, just a flutter.

A few mins of happily walking the bee, its step to light to be felt, delighted with such close observance with its face I become more aware of the  rain outside getting both heavier and more inside (open window).  I dare not try and push the window shut with bee in hand, that way squashed bee and stung me is a likely out come.  Anyway the bee is getting nowhere so I walk it off my hand onto the seat and get up to deal with the question of the window.

Sitting down (no I did not sit on the bee) I notice the bee has made her way up the back of the seat onto the plastic bit, a flutter to steady is not successful, she looses her grip and disappears out of sight. 

I happily assume flight occurred rather than a fall and get back to my book.

However, it was with some sorrow as I moved to the front of the bus to get of as a few other passengers before me had, that I noticed by the door a squashed bee.  I guess her wings were either wet or worn out or both, but that fall had been just that and either rolling or crawling about the floor an unlucky step and the bus journey was over. 

I know bees have a short life and can console myself with such facts, still it was sad and oddly there was the same element of wonder with Bee as I had with the dear trio many a post ago.