Sunday, 8 December 2013

The BIG puddle

develops when it rains hard.  It fills up the dip in the path from the verge almost to the road on occasions.

BIG puddle

That is awkward enough to navigate, offering the choice of wet feet (through the middle) muddy feet to the grass or stepping onto the road and getting knocked down on the other side.

But it has its' real fun in the winter, first the puddle forms, then it turns to a sheet of ice then it hides under a covering of snow and waits.

It waits for the unwary, unknowing pedestrian to step confidently onto its surface, slip and fall.

This dip with its puddle has been there for several years now.  The one attempt to alleviate the problem was to cut a little channel from the edge of the path into the grass.  As the dip is deeper in the middle than it is at either edge this was not successful.

Locals know it is there but still occasionally get forgetful and take a slide.  I fear that a proper fix will not occur given current economics, until someone breaks something falling at this spot, other than their shopping. 

Personally I choose when it is just water to wait for a gap in the traffic (kindly supplied by traffic lights a bit further on) and step into the road.  However when it is snow on ice, the threat of mud is diminished and I use the grass side.

Big Puddle in winter

Friday, 6 December 2013

An uncomfortable conversation

getting on the second bus for the journey home the other night I was the fifth passenger.  The other four on before me and each sitting in a window seat but facing into each other as a group.

They were already talking as I got on, it very quickly became obvious they were all from the same firm, a firm that just the night before had announced major job losses nation wide, many of which in this area.

They had had the official disheartening news at work that day but as yet did not know what it meant for them as individuals.

It was both sad and uncomfortable hearing them mull over the possibilities and try and comfort each other with positive potential outcomes.  Yet under it all was an air of distress and a wave of betrayal.

I felt in turns relieved not to be in a similar position and a tad sheepish about how often I grumble about my job.  Still this was a time I wished the privacy bubble did exist there was something so personal and raw about this conversation and the emotions on the bus I felt my presence was intrusive.    

Thursday, 5 December 2013

A very blustery day

and regrettably the bus station was less of a refuge than it was a funnel.

The poor automatic doors have given up.  Some of them in mid movement some at close.  So they are no longer doors but poor imitations of walls or open gaps.

In today's gale force wind the gaps managed to catch every gust no matter its direction and guide it into the bus station.  Rather than a protection the bus station became a wind tunnel.

Still no re-appearance of the seats, wind proofing lost, I worry about the roof!

Monday, 2 December 2013


I recall a news item that said bus drivers received no acknowledgement from their passengers.  

Can't have been in this area, I expect that there are days the drivers here might like a bit of ignoring. Just about ever passenger getting on or alighting gives a greeting, morning, afternoon, how you doing...thank, ta, all right mate, cheers and many another variation.

I wonder if they get tired of responding or if it is a good part of an often difficult job.