Thursday, 5 March 2015


Today bus number two was not always a bus.

As little pink commuter got on board it magically morphed into a sled speeding across the snow, that lasted for a couple of stops before the change began again.

Whilst Hedwig's theme did not actually play I could almost hear it as for a few brief moments sled became steam train before hunkering down low and dark into a vehicle you might loosely describe as a car.

No I have not started to hallucinate due to sleep deprivation although perhaps I am getting a bit fanciful.  

Today, of course, is world book day and as schools participate children take their favourite book  into school and dress up as their favourite character. 

Little Miss Pink was forgoing her normal hue today, exchanging it for the ice blue of Frozen's Elsa. Matilda/Madeline , obviously unaware of her true alter egos, was sporting a cape, wand and Harry Potter glasses.  Little brother also had a cape and with the addition of a moulded mask was Bruce Wayne's alter ego Batman.

So sled, Hogwarts Express or the Batmobile what were we travelling on?

Perhaps given I snooze away my journey, perhaps it was a bus after all..the Knight bus.