Monday, 15 July 2013

Purple coated lady three

This lady is one of my human clocks at the middle bus station (also referred to as an interchange, which is a good term as here I may change bus) and only on my way home.

I know if she is there that my next bus, the black one, has not gone yet.  Her presence helps me to decide if getting off here is a better option that staying on till the end of the red bus's run.

Whatever the weather she is wearing the same three quarter length pale purple padded coat, so she is easy to spot from the bus.  An elderly lady, I presume she feels the cold even more than I do.  Each time we meet we have the same conversation.  Whilst I look familiar she can never place me and any pretencions I might have had, about being in the least memorable are well and truly dissipated.  Being a tad more serious this fiercely independent lady obviously has short and medium term memory problems but she is getting out and about and living her life.

So purple lady 3 makes me look at myself and wonder if I am making the most of my life or am I being safe and missing out on things?