Friday, 11 April 2014

A question of windows.

open or shut. When it gets hot or even warm on the bus someone invariably opens a window to let in some air.  However they assume when they get off that the entry of air is still a requirement and rarely shut them again.

Deciding to open a window is apparently a decision easily made but to close it another matter entirely. It appears to depend on a number of factors.  If you saw whoever opened it and they just got off then no problem.

If the window is above your head then no problem, possession is nine tenths of the closing decision .

But if the window generating the gale around your ears is a few seats away or on the other side of the bus, or you do not know which fresh air fiend opened it then the question of right to close is more difficult.

Plus for safely sake you need to wait till the bus has stopped before standing and reaching to close. And there is no subtle way to do it they are quite stiff and shut with a resounding BANG!  Now I am in the main a chilly person who would rather be warm, if there is a draft I am somehow sitting in it. I am cold when others are warm so I tend to rely on hats, scarves and gloves and assume everyone else is a mutant enjoying the freezing gale so mostly I leave the open windows alone.

I think I should go with the BANG perhaps and close them more, let the other passengers sit and puzzle whether to wait till I get off to open them again if they are so inclined..hmm.

The single deck Mercedes buses did not have this draughty moral dilemma, their windows do not open, they are air conditioned and the driver gets to make all the choices then.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

In the Pink

both the posts and purple coated lady number number two are currently in that shade. The sight of both is a cheering thing.

In the pink
                                                                                          The posts are a buzz of colour first thing in the morning and wake up my eyes plus the pink arrived as the escalator was fixed and normal service and direction resumed.

Purple coated lady lady turned pink (her new winter coat) because I have not seen her for some considerable time and was beginning to worry rather than wonder, so apparently was she about me. So having our joint fears abated made us both feel in the pink.

Sadly Purple coated lady number three has not been in evidence for some time.