Saturday, 28 June 2014

An unexpected occurance

A few days training required me to alter my morning route into work.  Instead of my normal bus company I needed to use a different carrier.

The number 24 from the central bus stop into a different city change onto the Metro, one change required there then a quick walk to the training location.

On the first day although I managed to arrive at the building on time clearing security made me late so nest morning I thought get an earlier bus to allow for that time requirement.

So I head off for the 23 from the central bus station, as I walk along I pass a bus stop at the bottom of the street, glance at the timetable and note I can get the 24 from here.  Traffic noise behind me I glance over my shoulder and here is the 24 approaching.  Do I stick out my hand? Catch the bus? Heck no I have my minimally active morning brain which has firmly stuck in it's focus"getting the 23 this morning", so I let it go by and as it pulls past my slow brain catches up with the thought of I could have got that bus, duh!

However, as it is a nice warm sunny morning and the walk to the bus station is pleasant, the government recommends the gentle exercise of walking I don't berate myself  and see the funny side.  So I made my way chuckling and at a leisurely pace to my original destination.  Picture my surprise at the 24 still being there when I arrive (it takes me about 10 mins to make that walk), I get on the bus and the driver does a double take,"weren't you at the top stop?" he asks and grins with me as I explain.

So what was the result of the even earlier bus? I arrived good and early and the security took even longer and I was just on time!

Sunday, 15 June 2014


A bright and sunny morning and the reflection of the trees in the glass of the shelter caught my eye.  As I was a little early there was time to record it.