Monday, 24 March 2014

Deed for the day

a good one I hope, today I was both human clock and route map for two fellow travellers. 
Multifunctional me.

Friday, 14 March 2014

When the Up is Down

The escalators at the arrived at work bus  station are up on the left and down on the right as I face them from the bottom.

This week the escalator on the right (viewed from the bottom) has stopped working.  So you would think that there is no Down movement.

You would be wrong, the right escalator has been blocked off to stop anyone risking BIG steps and walking down the frozen escalator and the left hand side has had its direction of motion changed.

So the Up side is now the Down side and there is only Up by the stairs at the far end or the lift.

I have pondered the odd logic of this action and wonder if they think people wanting to leave the bus station (Up) will be in less of a hurry and so can wait for the lift or make the circuitous journey via the stairs.  Those arriving will be in a hurry to catch a bus (Down) and more impatient and likely to complain at any movement delay. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The jester

this character gets on the return journey red bus.  He likes to tell jokes, not particularly funny jokes or new ones.  His sense of humour is much in common with the naughty sea side postcards.

He know it is not exactly the right place for his colour of humour and professes to both apologise and rationalise his choice in a way that challenges you to comment negatively or object without appearing close minded or overly politically correct.

The Jester treats the world as his audience, willing or not..he does not believe in the privacy bubble, he believes in the inclusivity bubble.  All should have the same privilege of hearing his jokes, and if sitting close enough to catch his eye participating (knock knock jokes are a staple).

He would have done well in the theatre, he has a pleasant tone to his voice and his projection skills are almost on a par with Brian Blessed.  I had evidence of that just this week when I ended up sitting on the top deck of the bus and could still hear him very clearly when he was sitting on the lower deck.

We all have differing thoughts on what is funny and I would guess there are many who will share his, but regrettably as you can tell I am not one of them.