Saturday, 29 August 2015

Farewell BIG yellow buses

they have driven off in to the bus afterlife..well been sold on to their next incarnation is probably more accurate.

Replaced by smaller buses named after that less easily described colour from the rainbow, the buses themselves are a sort of pinky purple.

Smelling of "new" they have leather seats and a floor suggestive of wooden laminate. They have blue LED light just above floor level on the outer seats.  not so happy about those they make my eyes ache.

I miss the yellow bus it was easier to see, some of my fellow passengers (pre advertising of the change not withstanding) have missed the new ones in surprise at the change of colour and shape of the bus.

I think I would have preferred they keep the old colour.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Taking turns.

Last week the escalator had had quite enough and the up and down both stopped working simultaneously.

That left the lift on my entry side of the bus station and stairs at the other.  That had to be factored in the time allotment for work to bus.  The lift being kept quite busy.

It took a few days for the escalators to be fixed and just as they were the lift, much put upon by all the extra usage decided it was deserving of a rest and broke down.

Today, lift and escalators working I approached the opposite end of the station as that is where my bus leaves to be greeted with this sight.


Yes the stairs were now "not working" well closed for maintenance, it struck me as funny .