Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Puddle fun

On the way home, a day of much rain so I know the Big Puddle will be there, I get off the bus to mizzle which gets stronger as I leave the bus station and has worked its way up to deluge by the time I get to the traffic lights.

I am not in a great mood and feeling a bit mopier getting wet as I cross the road however, the rain eases and I look towards the BP.

Standing in the middle of it is a child, a small boy in waterproofs and wellies, a man standing on dry pavement but in arms reach, hand on the child's head. 

Countless are the times I have seen adults trying to get children to come away from a puddle.  Seen them shout, drag and complain, whilst the child can not understand, after all puddles and welliington boots are made for each other.  I expected to see the usual scenario.  I was wrong.

At that moment, a lady passed the pair, and a step beyond, "OK" , said the man lifted his hand from the boy's head and the boy jumped and splashed gleefully in that puddle.  As another person approached within splashing range, the hand gently descended once more to the head and the waterworks paused only to resume once the cost was clear.

It put a smile on my face as big as the Big Puddle, it lightened my step and the rain stopped and the sun peeked out (ok that last bit might have happened anyway and been a weather thing but the timing...) it was a moment of shared joy, the little boy, the man, me and I suspect the puddle was rather liking the love and attention.