Thursday, 13 July 2017

There is a song

running through my head as I look at the result of recent digging to the path on the way to the bus stop.

The digging took the form of a long trench stretching the full length of the dark puddles abode and along were the path splits to either the dene or my normal route past the site of my former school. 

Here is an opportunity for the dip in the path to be corrected, for the curb between path and grass to be lowered so the water will flow away.  Here is the opportunity for the puddle in all its incarnations (including skating rink) to be banished.

There was an opportunity...

Sometimes I am foolishly optimistic.

The result, the curb was raised, yes raised not lowered, with the new tarmac to fill in the path edge of the hole packed at a steep slant against it.  What is more the cantor of the path has now been extender by several feet past the place it used to level out and allow some drainage.

So  the song, well slightly reworded from the Nat King Cole original....."there may be puddles ahead!"

And yes in case you are wondering I have reported it to the council, sadly there was no facility to attach pictures.