Saturday, 23 March 2013

Am I seated comfortably?

then we will begin..the choice of where to sit appears to be a simple one, after all they are going to the same place.  But no, is it better to the left or the right, before, behind or over the wheel. If a single decker with two levels, is up better, and let us not forget the back seat in its extended benchiness! I have both seen and hear exponents of all variations.

As for me I prefer to sit on the left side of the bus (as you face the front) so my view forward is not blocked by the drivers section. You will come to understand that reason for the choice is somewhat ironic. It also puts me on the same side of the bus as the paths and bus stops. I like the first set on seats after the designated reserved for the elderly and disabled, neither of which are generally travelling at silly of the night, but rules are rules.

On a few of the older buses in rainy weather this is not a good choice, the window leaks.  Sitting in the seat without checking for this problem is not a mistake you want to make, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's strictures for pies applies equally in this situation, soggy bottoms are not good things.

The back seat appears to be a choice split between, the men on the way to work in the mornings and teens (it allows more elbow room for texting each other) and excited children,who run onto the bus whilst parents get the ticket claim the back bench seat triumphantly and then are utterly downcast when forced to move to a less exciting position once their parents spot them.

It is amazing how quickly we become territorial about our seat on the bus. I did not notice at first the proprietorial air I was developing when originally the bus went the whole distance and I was one of the first on so no problem, my seat all the way. Later, as it became necessary to change at the halfway point there might be people already at that stop with right of way before me and horror sitting in my place. Now I might have thought it was just me getting a little bus crazy however, I note that all of the regulars have their own seating preferences . Indeed,  one morning,comforting me regarding, if not my sanity my normality a fellow regular muttered under her breathe "she is going to sit in my seat, that's not right" when a new face took her usual place (one seat in front of mine on the bus).  What creatures of habit we become almost without thought.