Wednesday, 9 November 2016

American Election 2016

The results were not totally finalised as I left the house this morning although the result was fairly certain.

I was expecting that at the bus station there might be conversation about this most acrimonious of Presidential campaigns. 

As I arrived I heard a snatch of conversation between two women that went somewhat like this.

"Well, I know some people say there is not much difference between them but to me it is obvious which is the best.  I like the old one much better then the new version, we got a DVD for the kids and the new Tom and Jerry is not a patch on the old one, it just doesn't feel right"

Well that was not quite the political dialogue I had anticipated.  

The bus journeys themselves were eerily quiet, with many a mobile device showing that map turning red.

I get off at the bus station to overhear another conversation

" I think it is awful, it should never have been allowed"" I agree what is the world coming to when this can happen" "Just look at the picture in the paper it makes me so mad how can they get away with changing the number of triangles and putting less chocolate in" 

Ah! the change to the Toblerone chocolate bar. I had noticed that in the free paper provided on the bus.   Glad to see that my fellow commuters have their priorities right and are taking this "momentous result" with a suitable level of pragmatism.