Friday, 25 March 2016

Small annoyances..a collection part one

This is a post about the things that irk.  Not necessarily big things that require a post of their own, a collection of moans and irritations.

Rain inside the bus from ill fitting windows or sky lights that drip on my head, dribble down my arm or leg all unsuspecting or dampen the seat and thereafter my bottom.

Chewing gum discarded without care (especially if it also ends up on my bottom) although at times I wonder if it shouldn't be used for pavement in the first place, it is apparently a lot of peoples opinion that the pavement is where it is supposed to be.

Chewing gumed pavement

Chewing gum at bus stop

People that get on an escalator with apparently no idea where they intend to go when they reach the bottom.  Taking a half step off and stopping to decide which way to go, left, right or forward I don't mind, just move away so I am not falling over as it is my time to step off.  Or worse, choosing that half step moment to dig into a bag or pocket whilst blocking the egress from the escalator.  Doubly irritating if my bus has already pulled into the stop and I am in a hurry to catch it.

Spitting..oh yuck do I need to say anything more on that one!

Rolling up the used bus ticket and sticking it into any available gap in the bus seats, panels ect..come on there is a place on the bus just for used bus tickets! And why because one person has done it do the copy cats have to follow so the bus looks like a ticked hedgehog!

Oh, yeah people who stick obviously not used bus ticket items in the used bus ticket receptacle....did you really use a plastic pop bottle as a record of payment for the journey?

Plastic bottles...there is another thing, dropping drinks bottles or cans onto the floor of the bus where they roll back and forward bumping into feet, threatening to spill dregs and  to cause someone to trip, or as occurred on one occasion rolling to the front of the bus and managing to jam the door.

OK as I am getting more irked as I think about the irritating things I shall let this post go. take a deep breath and make part two of the collection at a later date.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Five minute change

and my commute journey alters, the fabric of my relationship with other commuters is torn asunder.

How, well my second bus of the day changes to 8 mins past the hour instead of three however, the change also included an earlier bus at 2 mins to the hour.

It would appear that for many of my regular bus companions have made the move to the earlier bus, an option not available to me.  Therefore I see them no more, farewell Matilda/ Madeline little brother and long suffering dad, farewell kind Supermarket lady (who checks that I get off when I should on nap days).

Church in the morning mist

Hello to staying on the first bus past the old transfer stop, hello to standing at the Church stop (which is a much nicer view) for the wait for the second bus and maybe, just maybe hello to some new characters.  Although this bus does appear quieter.


Monday, 7 March 2016

The paper slipper

not footwear, a new morning character.  As I board my first bus, a man in a white baseball cap slips past me reached round and takes hold of one of the free papers and slips off again.

The first morning that happened I did not notice that he had not boarded my bus, and just thought he was overly eager to be sure he got a paper.

Since then I have realised that he is waiting for a different bus (same firm) but that for some reason there are no papers on his bus.  Perhaps it is due to the depo it starts from. Whatever the reason he comes just that little bit early to nab a paper.

I am obviously not the only observer of this behaviour as a departing passenger brought him a copy of the paper as she got off the bus.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Were the Oscars caught short

of some velvet covered rope barriers? the ones from the bus stop have disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived.  Their disappearance coincided with that most glittering of Hollywood occasions with many a red carpet requiring fancy barriers.  Suspicious....just saying, just saying.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Here come de sun

(over the top of the bus stop)

here comes the sun

 and it gona be all light

( before I get to work, which feels like a thing of oddness after the winter.)