Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Political rhetoric

or drunken ramblings...

more of the latter than the former I fear took place on the second bus home tonight.

One passenger was full both of a strident conviction on how all should vote in the up and coming referendum on Europe and copious amounts of alcohol.

He very loudly declared his position and his rather drastic solution to those who would consider voting contrary to his stance.  He was scathing in his denouncement of the political party he stated he had long supported and which he felt was lost ruined and a wast of space for not being in agreement with him.

It was sort of embarrassing, there were those who initially chuckled their discomfort others attempted to ignore him in the hope he would quiet down and a few wanted to engage in discussion until they realised there was too much vino fuling his in veritas.

At last, blissfully he departed there was a moment of peace then a lone voice chirped up, what was he on about?  A pause, and a voice from further up the bus came the reply, the EU vote in or out..back came the original questioning voice so what is that then?

There was an incredulous part of me wondering how at this stage that question could be asked  that was tinged with envy, how had they managed to avoid the seaming neverending  news reports, political broadcasts, TV programmes, there has been many a time I wish I could have done so.

Oh and was I informed or influenced by the man on his soap bus? 


(although some time later and in retrospect, the nation voted as he wanted and the party he disparaged are indeed in some considerable difficulty, who would have thunk it!)