Saturday, 15 April 2017

Diminishing Viking

On the walk to the town centre bus stop my path has oft crossed with the cycling viking (it has a nice rhyme to it)..well he has rather looked like my idea of a viking at least. 

Golden blond long wavy hair and beard . 

I could easily picture him on the prow of a longboat instead of pedaling away on a bicycle.

A few weeks ago as he sped past I realised there was something different.... the viking has been somewhat tamed. Trimmed short, both hair and beard bereft of wave.  Now warmer weather is approaching so I thought perhaps he was going for a cooler style.

Then less than a week later we pass again and the viking is gone, clean shaven short hair, my internal name for him has utterly ceased to apply, and it is not that warm yet.

Well perhaps he is the once and future viking now?