Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bus napping

now some time ago I shared some advice for napping on the bus ready-for-that-nap-now.

I recently saw someone who was an accidental napper in more ways than one.

Earphones in she had been communing with the phone (well mini media device whatever) and fallen asleep.

No on the plus side she was in a window seat,(my seat come to think of it) things might have been worse otherwise. I mention in my earlier post the strong dip and sway as we approach my second time to get off stop of the morning.

Well this sleeping rather than napping lady had a bit much sway and fell over sideways, knocking her bag (on the seat next to her..tut tut) onto the floor.

That would have been, not too bad except, you were expecting that except weren't you, she had not fastened her bag up.  Its contents disgorged themselves across the floor of the bus.

She lay across the seat arm outstretched and so confused at her sudden awakening she did not know what to do.

I was not close enough to assist but kindly lady and gentleman sitting forward of me and across from her rushed to restore the lipstick purse etc to the bag before we reached the stop.

Bag restored, still disorientated she noted "I must have been asleep! and "thank you" and "sorry". The good Samaritans and I departed at the stop she continued her journey.

I saw her again the next day (sitting in MY seat again , see earlier post about that) this time she stayed awake.