Sunday, 11 August 2013

Passing the time, a technology update

I have for the past few weeks made use of the Kindle on the bus, there I go easing into the twenty first century of reading. I am not a total convert and still much prefer a real book.  But it is good knowing if I finish a book mid journey there is another one (well more than one) there ready to start. 

However, there is a downside, I advised with real books volumes with very interesting cover art should be avoided due to the reading interrupting conversations they can generate.  Whilst a Kindle cover tells nothing about the volume you are reading (mine is a very bland single colour cover, which I like) it is still a conversation starter.  For those with out a Kindle it is the chance to discuss how it works and its merits with a disinterested party.  For those with a Kindle it offers the opportunity to compare devices, prices and where it has been used.

So beware a Kindle, can actually reduce your reading time, although it might make you some new bus friends.