Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ocasional homeward deviations

Some deviations to my journeys homeward are planned.  A diversion from the normal route as I am off to visit a friend, catch a different bus entirely and have to keep a closer eye on the route.

But the instances I am thinking of were unplanned and the danger of being the only one, or last one on the bus.  Now the red bus turns at its termination point and either re-runs the full loop of its journey or occasionally changes number and becomes directionally speaking a different bus altogether.

Twice (yes I should have been more aware the second time) I have been less than joyfully sitting on the upper deck of the bus, reading my book and half hearing the next stop anouncments. When the next stop as should be is not the next one announced!

This is because the driver has not realised there is anyone left on the bus and in a leap of hopeful efficiency has typed in the code changing his number and destination so instead of the last stop and me getting off it is announcing the first stop after the turn.

Ring the bell,shock the driver to bits and end up having to get off at the stop I normally get on this bus on a morning.  The bus having already started its turn round a mini round about.  So now it is the mad dash down to the traffic lights (I do like a nice set of pedestrian traffic lights when I am a pedestrian that is, and will come back to that later) and back up to get the next bus.

The red bus is not the only one, one of the yellow buses is generally very sparse of passengers when I get on and quite often I am it.  Now there is a large round about just before my days start and stop bus station.  One of those sways and turns that identifies my location if I am reading.  So when the turn kept on turning to head on back the way I had just come I shouted "where are you going?" to the driver.  I scared him as he had completely forgotten he had picked up a passenger at all.  We must have looked quite amusing as the bus went right round the roundabout once and then half round again to make the turn to the bus stop. 

Fortunately for us both, driver and I we were in a good mood and saw the funny side.