Saturday, 17 August 2013

A fugue state

proper definition is a temporary period of amnesia with movement or travel.

In terms of the bus journey I think of it a temporarily forgetting what I am supposed to be doing and once involved travel beyond my movements courtesy of a bus.

I shall explain, while experiencing the relativity of time waiting for the next bus your mind can wander away from the task at hand.  Watching for the next bus, into planning what to do when at last home or rehashing some instance at work, off my mind meanders.  A teensy portion is left on task, watch for a bus, black or yellow.  This divergence of concentration works fine unless the bus company has a bus off the road in the normal route colour and has had to substitute one of their many other hued  vehicles. When that happens teensy bit of brain on watch can take just a moment too long to disengage from black bus / yellow bus identification to different colour but still MY BUS! by the number, and there it goes off into the distance. Oops, sometimes route themed buses are less helpful.

And the travel beyond?  Well I decided to walk from the middle stop up the bank to the next stop as I was early and it would be better than just standing.  So of I went one foot following the other, you know how walking goes, thinking my thoughts, looking at the houses as I passed.  That's a nice bungalow I though, funny, I had not noticed how nice this garden is before..wait that is because I have not walked past it before.  Sudden realisation I had forgotten why I was walking, to get to the next stop, and just kept walking, I had passed the stop and was now  a third of the way to the next one!

A quick about turn and I just made it back in time to catch the bus home.  Taking your mind off things can sometimes leave you forgetting what is important.