Sunday, 14 April 2013

Not reccomended...buss surfing!

A newspaper article suggested that a great way for the bus commuter to get some exercise and tone those muscles whilst travelling was to bus surf.

I agree an odd term which conjures up a plethora of worrying images, is it for instance the bus version of wing walking or involve wearing rubber suits or extra baggy shorts, or do I have to sing Beach Boys songs?  The reality of the idea is to my mind just as daft.  Stand on the bus for the length of your journey and don't hold on to any of the aides, such as the straps or poles that the company provides to help you balance.  Using just the muscles in your legs back an abdomen to keep you upright, leaning and swaying in sync with the bus like a surfer riding a wave.

Are they mad or just insidiously trying to drum up trade for the injury lawyers?  The bus surfer risks not only their own safety but those of other passengers.  Falling over yourself is likely, falling onto someone else more so.  Just getting up early before your stop and working your way hand over hand on the seat backs and upright poles is perilous enough and I have seen a goodly number of people come a cropper in that situation.

What surprised me almost as much as how daft this suggestion was, oh and it included using the overhead straps on the bus like the rings in mens' gymnastics, duh! was that the paper it was in was available free on the bus next to the sign asking passengers to remain seated when the bus is moving..  

Remain Seated

On a lighter note, also not recommended, playing hide and does not work well. Nor , I have observed is I spy a great success, either the object is on the bus and too easy or outside the bus and passed before the "with my little eye " is finished causing frustration all round.