Sunday, 14 April 2013

more time passing

Not quite ready for a nap yet?  Well there is still the electronic entertainment option. I have tried an MP3 player but the music was not loud enough to block out the bus noise, well not the type of music I wanted to listen to at least. Kindle books, games on tablets or mobile phones (the use of the latter on buses is likely to have a post all of their own at some point) but as I mentioned before I am not rushing headlong into the technological revolution.  In fact mostly I am a Luddite when it comes to such things.  My friend Roni does what she can to move me onward but it is an uphill battle.  She is a devote of the Kindle as a study tool and all strength to her and it, but I still prefer a "real" book.

As an aside , if you are going to read a book there are a few things to keep in mind. 
  • When choosing the book remember you have to carry it and balance it on the bus, this is indeed one occasion when bigger is not always better.
  • At the same time try and make sure there is enough book to last the journey in both directions. It is frustrating running out of book with travelling left to do.
  • Avoid books with very interesting cover art or you will spend more time telling other people what you are reading that reading!
  • If the book is too engaging you run the risk of getting so caught up in the story you forget to get off the bus. (re reading an old favourite works quite well)  
  • Keep a book mark handy,or something that will fulfil that function.
  • Avoid reading at bus stops (stations are mostly OK unless very busy) as you can miss seeing the bus coming and only notice it as it glides past and then onward without you. Oh, unless you have an understanding bus friend with you, but in that case you are probably talking not reading. 
I have seen those with steady hands and steady stomachs knit or sew (scary, needles, bumpy roads and corners, need I say more?) and of course the application of make up! however, they too are more than I am able to cope with in transit so I have no advice to proffer on the choices there.