Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Personal cloud

For quite some time just as I was getting off the bus at my last stop of the day it would rain.  I live in an area designated as temperate so constant sunshine is not expected.  Regular rain unsurprising, but this was different.

It was not raining as we pulled into the town, not drizzling as we pulled into the bus station but as soon as I got of, yip rain.  However, that was not the sum of it, the rain would stop moments after I got into the house.  I imagined that I looked like a cartoon character with my own personal cloud raining over my head.

Logically speaking I know that this experience is probably akin to dropping toast and recalling it always landing butter side down.  It has been scientifically proven this is not the case just that it is human nature to recall the worst outcomes rather than the best.  I suspect that is also true of my cloud.

Either that or the weather is out to get me!