Friday, 20 September 2013

Are we nearly there yet?

So smooth transition, long wait or being decanted aside I am on the last bus and heading home.  This is the most relaxing journey of the day.  Well mostly it is, if there has been a lot of rain, and recently there has, a dip in the road floods.  To date it just whooshes up and over as the bus hits it but it does generate a momentary concern.

This section of the route has some pleasant views across the fields and passes through a pretty village before turning into my home town.  Yes it is the same going but it tends to be a bit dark to enjoy the view (and my eyes are often shut which does not help) and views are always prettier with a day of work behind me.

One last bus related choice.  Get off a stop early and go to the library before heading home or stay on. Due to recent budget restraints this has become a choice which takes a bit more memory power and thought than it used to.  Why? Because it used to be the library was open the same hours each day ( with a half day Wednesday and a 4 p.m finish on a Saturday).  To save money whilst keeping the library open, the times have all been changed, each day different hours and to be honest I keep forgetting what times for what day.

I miss tripping lightly to the lenders of books, I must pop a timetable for the library in my bag.  It can nestle amongst all of the bus timetable I have accumulated.  Only this timetable will offer me a richer more varied travel experience, and of course this is travel I can take with me on my bus journeys.