Thursday, 6 June 2013

The three states of ego

child, adult and parent.  States of mind that effect our interaction with others and our mood.  We can be any of the stages at any age. or so say psychiatrists and behaviour therapists.

Now if you are wondering why the slide into psyco speak on a blog about travelling by bus.  It is the double decker.  Up the stairs to sit on the top deck, oh with the window seat at the front.  That appears to be the desire of most children as they get on board.  As you note from my last entry that is not the case with me.

I had wondered, the first time I clambered up the stairs out of necessity if this would be a revert to childhood moment.  Like the guilty pleasure of being the first to tramp tracks through new snow before you turn adult and recall the problems snow can cause. I sort of hoped that the prized seat would be available, right at the front, drivers side of course.  My luck appeared to be in, the seat was free, the place as a child I had often wanted to be but was restrained by adults who were not able to climb the stairs with me.

So in I settled, the bus pulled away and no, a return to childhood it was not.  The motion of the bus alters greatly from lower to upper deck.  The front seat has reduced legroom and no hand support for balance. Instead of a sense of fun I ended up with a sense of vertigo.

Disappointed with that experience I still had left the joy , yes being sarcastic, of getting back down the stairs.