Saturday, 8 June 2013

A rainbow of options

A livery which identifies belonging has been a feature of aristocracy, military and commercial life for hundreds of years.  Most companies have an identifying symbol quite often aligned with a colour or colour scheme.  Bus companies are no exception and most have their fleet (I know that is the right word but it makes me think of ships, shame buses do not have their own collective noun instead of having to share) decorated in the same easily identifiable  scheme. 

The company I use for my journey has deviated from this norm, big time. Instead of one livery they have 48 covering the various routes the buses run.

Red buses named after a famous RAF display team, silver buses with the same directional symbol. Light green buses the same shade as the citrus fruit the route is named, or with a very famous large regional sculpture, darker green both celebrating and adorned by a local monster legend.  Black buses which echo the American greyhound yet pay tribute to a local football club's feline nickname and alleging a speedy journey.

Blue coastal bound buses decorated with a surfer making a play on both the colloquial expression of "of course" and its number whilst giving a gentle nod to Hawaii Five O.  Although I do not know if it was the original programme or the modern version which inspired this piece of foolery, and I care not, it just gives me a chuckle whenever I see one.  Where was I , oh yes gold buses, Pink buses, Purple double deckers and yellow buses which carry a reminder of the areas lost, but I expect never forgotten coal mining past.  There is even a night bus which I have never used, I'd like to imagine it has four poster beds on board Harry Potter style but somehow I doubt it.

Routes named after a type of fast ship, Dick Turpin's profession and the knights who followed Richard the Lion Heart, the wearers of mitres, focused beams of light, white precious gems and others descriptive of the route they run in city or town.  I have not seen them all and had not realised how numerous the variations were till I took a good look at the web site.  Now I wonder shall I become a bus spotter trying to see all double,double dozen? 

And this year each and every one has an added adornment, a celebration of the company's 100th year. Happy anniversary bus company, good going.