Saturday, 27 May 2017

Small delights part one I hope.

in the interests of balance, this post is about the little smile moments that like my "dark side" posts of annoyances, do not feel as if they merit a whole post all of their own.

Getting on a crowded bus with people standing at the front, resigning myself to standing.  Spotting empty seats towards the middle of the bus, moving back and realising there were two empty seats together so I can have my prefered window seat.  However, the delight came not from the prospect of a seat in this instance but rather from the boy sitting in front of the double empty. Sitting in the aisle seat with his bag on the window seat he started to move his bag to slide over to give me room.  No eye contact required, just ready to make space. I caught his eye smiled and gestured to the seat behind him.  I sat down happy.

A touch of pink in the morning sky, that makes me smile.

As the dawn arrives earlier and earlier catching the dawn chorus.

Watching the blossom on the trees, then as it falls a whole summers worth of weddings confetti petals across the grass and pavements.