Friday, 31 October 2014

Evolving views.

Daily travel can act like time capture filming. Or for those of us with a few more years in our dish flicker books.

Each day seeing the same thing over and over, yet not the same thing as there are slight changes that only gradually impinge on my conscious mind.

Over the years I have watched houses be demolished, oh and a Church clad for at least six years in a hopeful layer of scaffolding finally give way to a pile of rubble. At the other end I have watched housing estates grow, cricket clubs open and face their final innings.

At the moment it is a housing estate  growing up from the foundations on a green space past which I walk on the way to the bus stop.  Some mornings and evenings I forget to look that way, focused on the journey and not the view, so when next I take a real look the book has flicked the film has moved on and the process appears quicker than it really is.    

As if time wasn't passing fast enough!