Friday, 14 March 2014

When the Up is Down

The escalators at the arrived at work bus  station are up on the left and down on the right as I face them from the bottom.

This week the escalator on the right (viewed from the bottom) has stopped working.  So you would think that there is no Down movement.

You would be wrong, the right escalator has been blocked off to stop anyone risking BIG steps and walking down the frozen escalator and the left hand side has had its direction of motion changed.

So the Up side is now the Down side and there is only Up by the stairs at the far end or the lift.

I have pondered the odd logic of this action and wonder if they think people wanting to leave the bus station (Up) will be in less of a hurry and so can wait for the lift or make the circuitous journey via the stairs.  Those arriving will be in a hurry to catch a bus (Down) and more impatient and likely to complain at any movement delay.