Thursday, 20 February 2014

Enough sense

to come in out of the rain, isn't that how the saying goes.  Well today I wish I had enough sense to stay out in the rain.

There I was homeward bound at the shelter-less middle stop waiting for the second bus and it started to rain, not a deluge but with some intent.  Not a day with waterproofs to hand nor an umbrella ,it having been too windy for those devices for some time now, I resign myself to getting wet.

Then into sight comes a yellow bus, not one of those I normally catch here, a new rout but still with my home destination emblazoned on the front.  Stunned by the rescue from the rain I do not stop to consider the via which is written underneath (who knew buses have scary small print too), out shoots my arm, bus stops to the signal and on I get.

Partway we make a left turn, I know this little deviation one of the other buses makes the little loop through a housing estate then back, nothing major..and it wasn't, but the next several were. Three quarters of an hour later having passed through several villages meandered around multiple housing estates and with views of the coast and we are just pulling into my home town.

In all that time one person got off the bus and no one got on, as there were only two passengers when I joined the bus that leaves two of us as it pulls up one stop before the bus station and idles.  This is the third time the bus has stood passing time at a stop. I am presuming due to the lack of passengers the rout has gone quicker than the timetable (not that I have felt the journey to be speedy and hate to consider just how long it would have been if busy).

This last pause with the bus station only moments away had we journeyed on was too much for my dwindling patience.  Off I got and I had walked as far as the bus station  and reached the first set of traffic lights with no sign of the bus joining me.

So next time I shall have the sense to stay out in the rain for five or ten minuets more and get the next bus due which takes the direct route and leave the scenic one to those with the patience to deal with it. Getting wet is not so bad, after all not being the Wicked Witch of the West I won't melt and on the way home I can get warm and dry once indoors.