Friday, 24 May 2013

Purple coated ladies one, two...

The queue for my first homeward bus is where I met the first two of my purple ladies.  Different coats, same colour totally different characters but both delightful bus friends.

Purple lady one is older with that elegant silver blond hair which looks so stylish.  She is calm, and her rueful acceptance of the vagaries of both weather and bus time tables is soothing.  Conversation is general, light and after a day at work restful.  Some evenings a nod and a smile is sufficient for us both on other occasions the conversation moves along with the line of folk and settles nicely in on the bus til she reaches her departure point.

Purple lady two is both younger in years and at heart with jolly red hair and even jollier smile we talk about her club, family and rabbit, not necessarily in that order.  We talk in the queue and almost always onto the bus, I sit by the window and she in the aisle to accommodate he earlier exit.  If I get there for the early bus we meet on a regular basis and exchanged names long since past.. Each of us wonder about the other if we miss the connection. Recently my purple lady briefly turned  pink in a new winter coat but the warmer weather set things back to rights. She recently celebrated a birthday and surprised me that she is a little older than me, I would have said the other way around.

Purple is proving to be a good colour for me, it is my best friends colour of choice, and now the choice of colour for my bus friends too