Saturday, 23 March 2013

tail of the ticket part two

After the sad inadvertent littering incident all those years ago (it haunts me still!) the idea of one ticket was appealing. The evolution began with a card version purchased once a month at the bus station at my destination.  They were not available at my point of departure.  Oddly even without the engine noise this could be a tricky process, the ladies in the shop often had their minds in a different gear to mine. Moving onto ordering on line and having the ticked arrive by post was easier but came with an element of risk, would the new one arrive on time, or at all?  It invariably did. Then onto the keycards ordered on line and updated through the miracle of technology. Of course technology wonderful as it is does not always work so either the reader on the bus does not work or the ticket is feeling sleepy and things don't go smoothly all the time. But it is better.

And have I gone all app and mobile phone as the natural extension of the Darwinian ticket process...heck no that is a step too far for me.  Mobile phones remain an occasional thing for emergency calls, I rarely remember to switch it on.

On occasion I do miss the paper or card ticked,  I had found a life after expiry usage for them, but I will tell you about that after I take my seat!